Earth is our Oneness-Home: A Vision of Reality by an Illumined Contemporary Yogi

Answering the eternal questions “Who am I?”, “What am I here for?”, a deep insight of a great Yogi reveals the true picture of the cosmic game and the unique role of our planet earth in the vast universe. The individual, family, nation and the future of mankind become closely connected realities growing in an omnipresent and self-transcending Creator Who lovingly cares for His creation. Sri Chinmoy’s soulful writings inspire those who are seeking light, purpose and fulfillment in life.

Sri Chinmoy, was a spiritual leader who believed in attaining a higher form of inner oneness with God through silent meditation and other spiritual disciplines. Sri Chinmoy's numerous peace activities are known and loved throughout the world. A prolific poet, author, musician and artist Sri Chinmoy was the one who brought meditation to the United Nations and had been condacting Peace Meditations in UN for more than 27 years. Over the decades, he guided hundreds of thousands of students to grow their hearts, minds and bodies to achieve peace and harmony in their lives.

“The aim of life
Is to become conscious of the Supreme Reality.
The aim of life is to be the conscious expression
Of the Eternal Being.”
Sri Chinmoy

E-book: Selected writings of Sri Chinmoy. Earth is our Oneness-Home: A Vision of Reality by an Illumined Contemporary Yogi. . Concept by Abarita in 1995, compiled by Pracheshta. First printed with permission of Sri Chinmoy in 2001 in a private edition in English and Russian languages; Second revised English edition, Zurich, Switzerland. 2021. 228 p..

Artwork: Paintings and drawings by Sri Chinmoy
Concept by Abarita in 1995, compiled by Pracheshta

The first book of Sri Chinmoy. «Meditations: Food For The Soul» was published by Agni Press in 1970 .

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G.M.Strekalov, pilot-astronaut of the USSR

“Sri Chinmoy’s book “The Earth is Our Home-Home” made a profound impact on me comparable, perhaps, only to what I have experienced when I looked at the Earth from Space for the first time. The book can be called a textbook or a guide for our life where you can find answers to any life challenges that concern every person: family, love, upbringing, education, patriotism and spirituality."

Еxcerpts from the letters of Alo Devi to Pracheshta

“Dear Praches[h]ta,

About 10 or 15 years ago, a sheaf of papers found its way into our house... in Queens, NY. The twenty or so papers were held together by two or three metal rings and had no cover or backing. I believe the material was handwritten.
I read it through carefully and I remember being deeply impressed. It was a brilliant compillation of the various aspects of Guru's philosophy.”

“Anyway, your two books Earth is our Oneness-Home reached me here in Switzerland... To say that your two books are “superb” is really an understatement! You have managed to find almost everything that our Master wrote...”

Alo Devi,
18 June 2010
CH 6353, Weggis, Switzerland

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Photo credit: The archives of Sri Chinmoy Center International | Satyagraha, Switzerland.
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